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  • St Marys Church
  • Broadwater Lane
  • Aston, Hertfordshire
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Churchyard and Records

A quiet walk around the churchyard of Aston St. Mary's in Hertfordshire will reveal a whole assortment of interesting graves. We have included here just a few to whet your appetite.

Grave of a German prisoner of war POW. This wooden relic is all that remains of a wooden cross, which marks the grave of a German prisoner of war (POW).  He was killed while working on a farm in the area during an air raid in World War II.
This stone marks the grave of Iris Marion Gardner.  One of her favourite series of books was the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.  The stone has the Great Lion Aslan at the top and has the inscription:

No longer in the shadowlands.
The term is over the holidays have begun.
The dream is ended, this is the morning.
C.S. Lewis

Picture of Iris Marion Gardner's grave. Maiden name Iris Marion Howse.
Picture of William Ralph Parker's grave. This stone has six bells cut into the top of the stone.  It marks the grave of William Ralph Parker. He was once a master of the bells in Aston church.

The inscription on his stone says:

Swift was the call

This is very apt as he was very quick at calling the changes on the bells but his passing on was swift as well, as he had an accident with a circular saw.