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  • Important Information about our graveyard

Important Information about our Graveyard

picture of a church  graveyardEach village churchyard belongs to the diocese of St Albans and must comply with the 2004 Churchyard Regulations (displayed in each churchyard and on the Church of England website and summarised below).

Each churchyard is subject to regular Archdeacon’s Visitations (Inspections).  Churchwardens must answer to the Archdeacon for compliance with the 2004 regulations (alongside their many other parish duties.)   We are hugely grateful to our churchwardens for their time and commitment to our village churches. 

Please note that candles, solar lights, photographs, ornaments and other artefacts are not permitted on graves under the 2004 Churchyard Regulations and may be removed by the churchwardens.  You may find it helpful to make a special place for these in your own garden or home in memory of your loved ones.   

Memorial stones belong to the family but graves are owned by the Church of England.  Any alterations or additions must be authorised by the parish priest to meet the Church of England Churchyard Regulations 2004.  Funeral directors have all the details and can provide the necessary blue forms.    

Flower vases should be set in the base of the headstone or cross.  Separate vases should not be placed elsewhere in the grave space. Plastic, china and glass containers are not allowed for safety reasons (they are easily blown off graves and broken, they can impede mowers and strimmers) so may be removed by the churchwardens. 

Bulbs and annual flowering plants may be planted on graves but shrubs and bushes are not allowed as they impede churchyard maintenance.  Graves are kept flat, easy for our churchyard volunteers to mow.  We are hugely grateful for our volunteers’ time and commitment and always appreciate more offers of help.

Artificial flowers are not deemed appropriate in the 2004 Churchyard Regulations.  However, we realise families may find it hard to tend graves.  As a compromise, therefore, we will allow realistic artificial flowers on the understanding they are natural looking and are removed when they become worn or faded (along with other dead flowers or wreaths).

Loss and grief are hard to bear.   Each November we hold a special ‘All Souls’ service to remember those we love who are with God.  We invite you to add their names to a ‘Missing Yew’ Tree – details will be in the Parish News and on the websites.  

Rev Jenny Gray 2016