The 40 days of Lent


Ideas for the 40 days of Lent: Part 1 (Part 2 in March)

Valentine's Day February 14
 – Chat to the people who serve you (e.g. shopkeepers)
February 15 - Say ‘thank you’ to someone as they work and say how much you appreciate them

February 16 - Call in on an elderly neighbour - take some cake, have a cup of tea and a chat

February 17 - Shop locally and support local farmers, local veg growers and local shops

February 18 - Love your neighbourhood. Pick up litter.  Can you recycle more at home?

February 19 - Hold doors open for those behind you

February 20 - Smile at people

February 21 - Be a nice driver - spread road-calm!

February 22 - Email / write to a local charity and thank them and those who volunteer

February 23 - Take time to think about/pray for your neighbours

February 24 - Spread niceness on Facebook and Twitter - compliment your friends

February 25 - Set up a Blessing Bag - keep items in your car that can be used to bless others

February 26 - Write a letter/use social media to thank a local emergency service for their work

February 27 - Say hello to people

February 28 - Look at joining a Neighbourhood Watch or community scheme