Reverend Jenny's Lists of 10 for 2018

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After reading ‘Ten’ by John Pritchard 
Rev. Jenny was prompted to make her own lists of ‘Ten’. 
What would be on your list?....

 Rev Jen 10 on Healing:  
 Healing is important to Jesus and to the Church. October 18th remembers St Luke, patron saint of healing.
 But what is healing?       I don’t have all the answers but over the years some things have become clear

  1. Sickness and death are human part of life - how the world is.  Jesus’ healing is a taste of God’s heavenly kingdom where pain and death are no more. 
  2. It’s natural to want physical cures but we can’t tell God what to do. Prayer is asking God’s help trusting God knows our needs, believing that with God, all will be well. 
  3. Prayers are never wasted. God always hears our prayers even when response isn’t the one we want or expect. God always wants what’s best for us.
  4. Healing, in the bible, is always more than physical cure.  It means inner peace/wholeness /salvation, hope where life seems hopeless, a new way forward, even in death.
  5. It sounds a contradiction but wholeness is possible within disability and sickness.  Jesus helps us live well, whatever our situation, when we turn to God in trust. 
  6. Guilt and worry cause physical illness. A positive mindset improves physical health. Jesus offers forgiveness to make us well in mind, spirit and relationships as well as body.
  7. Physical appearances are often deceptive - those who are well in body may be struggling emotionally or spiritually.  Much dis-ease and suffering is invisible and goes unnoticed.  
  8. Jesus calls us all to share in making people well – not just medical professionals but each of us, through our prayers and practical help.   
  9. Hospital and hospitality are linked. We can give others space to tell their story, release feelings, grow, change and find healing.  Reaching out to others brings us healing and wholeness too.
  10.  We don’t yet live in God’s kingdom of peace and wholeness but Jesus teaches us to pray: ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ 

Grant us loving companions who will support us in the midst of fear,

Give us hope that each day may be lived with courage and faith

Bless us with an abundance of your love that we may live with concern for others.
     Pour on us the peace and wholeness which you alone can give

     Through Jesus Christ our Saviour who comes to give us abundant life.  Amen