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 Sunday 29th March 2020

Gospel – John 11:1-45

We live in strange and uncertain times, isolated as many of us are from those we love and those who love us.  We don’t know what the outcome will be, nor how long this is likely to take, so all we can do is hold on to our faith, to rest in the love of God, and to trust.  Inevitably some of us will have to say goodbye to someone we love as the disease takes its toll.  And there will be times when we weep.

When Lazarus died, Jesus wept!  Revealing his human side alongside his divinity, the word made flesh in tears.  Remember the pictures of 9/11 – when people asked, “where was God when this happened”,  and the answer came “right here, weeping with us”.

The human Jesus was weeping for his friend, but the divine Jesus was, surely, weeping for us in our humanness, as he no doubt is weeping now as the basest side of human nature is on display.  We watch in horror as we see stories of greedy people bulk buying and hoarding food which they probably will never eat, thus depriving the needy of their share.

The question has been asked “why did Jesus allow Lazarus to die?”.  He could have healed him, even from a distance, but what would that have proved?  Folks would say he would have got better anyway.  But allowing Lazarus to die, and then raising him from the dead, left the people in no doubt of the divinity of Jesus.   This wonderful and awesome event was such a turn around for the family and friends of Lazarus. Transported from the grief of seeing their loved one die to the joy of seeing him emerge from the tomb, pointing the way to the resurrection of Jesus, demonstrating the unfailing and unconditional love God has for his people.

The question many of us are asking now is “Why do people behave so badly in times of crisis?”  The answer may be that in a world so overcome by greed and selfishness we are being offered the opportunity to use these incidents we witness as a trigger to make us vow to do better.  To allow the old ways of life to die, and to experience the resurrection of love and kindness in the world. 

When Jesus asked “Where is Lazarus?” he was told “come and see”.  We can say to Jesus “come and see”, come and see our tears, come and see our grief and our sorrow. 

 And he will reply “come and see” as he leads us through that grief and sorrow to the place where he now dwells in light and love.  With Jesus a new day dawns, and though where we live the night can be very dark, and the tears very bitter, we can be assured that there is light and joy waiting, not far away. 

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